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ROUND LAB Pine Calm Cica Pads 195ml

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* ROUND LAB Pine Calm Cica Pads 195ml - Skin cooling (Soothing)

* The reason Round Lab staff recommends Pine Tree Soothing Cica Pad!
- Oily Skin - 30's Design Team
: The essence-filled fabric makes your skin feel soothed!
I was able to calm down mildly when I used it after shaving!

- Dry skin - Marketing team in their 20s
: It is good to wipe off at the first step of skin care, but if you leave it on for a while after using toner, you can remove it as if wiping it off for a cooling effect, so that the next skin care goes better.

- Combination Skin - 20's Product Planning Team
I really like the mild feeling of use.
The fabric contains plenty of essence, so it's less irritating and good for daily use! I use it a lot as an item that soothes my cheeks and forehead!

* Contains the vitality of pine trees grown in Yangyang, Gangwon-do.
I found sustainability in pine leaves
I picked up fallen pine leaves and made a soothing ingredient.

01. Harvesting fallen pine leaves
02. Ultrasonic extraction
03. Raw materials using pine leaves
04. Production of upcycled products
* Safely packed with low-temperature ultrasonic extraction so that the soothing effect of pine trees can be delivered intact.

* Feel the energy of pine trees with strong vitality with Pine Cica Activator.

* Pine Cica Active

It is a combination of pine leaf extract, vegetable protein glycoprotein, and five cica components in an optimal ratio.
It quickly takes care of skin troubles that are sensitive to external stimuli from various angles to make it healthy.

* Soothing effect!
A pine multi soothing pad that can be used with confidence.

* The 4th generation texture care ingredient LHA, gentle on sensitive skin, gently takes care of unnecessary dead skin cells and wastes that clog pores.

* Keratin Care Mild Embo Cotton

Smooth skin texture care by lightly wiping the skin with the soft three-dimensional embossed surface

* Soothing care!
Close-fitting smooth surface
Sensitive days, sensitive areas - Easy soothing care with the emergency soothing pack

* 7cm big size sheet
that is generous to any part

* Even sensitive skin can be used safely.

* 195ml Essence is filled with essence so that you can use it moistly until the last sheet.

# Be careful as the liquid may leak if the product is tilted or turned upside down with enough liquid.

# Because it contains extracts, color loss may occur after storage conditions and time, but there is no problem with the feeling of use, so please use it with confidence.

1. After washing your face, gently wipe the entire face except for the eye area along the skin texture.

2. Place it on the area that needs soothing for 3 to 5 minutes for intensive care.

* Tips for using 100% pine tree soothing pads!
-Intensive soothing pack
Cooling and soothing effect on areas that need soothing

- Toner pad
Easy skin texture adjustment

- Keratin care
Exfoliation of elbows, neck, ears, etc.

* Use it hygienically with a simple and convenient one-touch cap container!




ROUND LAB Pine Calm Cica Pads 195ml

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