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Highly concentrated soothing energy Noni 71.77%


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Type: Serum & Ampoule

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For skin that has not yet calmed down
Noni 71.77%

When daily stimuli accumulate, the skin becomes sensitive.

Has your skin become more sensitive after wearing the mask?
Does your skin often pull and sting after cleansing?
Is your skin condition easily damaged by external stimuli?

These people need the soothing energy of noni.

Highly concentrated soothing energy
Noni 71.77%

Noni is a superfood loved as a health food in the United States, and it is a tropical plant that enjoys great popularity as an ingredient for health and skin care by celebrities at home and abroad.

Noni contains phytochemicals (phytochemicals) such as vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and abundant nutrients, which help to soothe the skin and provide rich and deep nourishment.

* Limited to ingredient description

Silence the stimulation and awaken the vitality 

Noni ampoule containing 71.77% of noni fruit extract and noni seed oil calms irritated skin and supplies nutrients to weakened skin to make skin elastic and lively.


Noni ampoule, which has been praised only for its product power

Results of Hwahae Cosmetics Survey as of August 2019
2019 Glow Pick Rookie Ampoule Selection
Selected as an Allure Editor's Pick in September 2019
2019.09.17 Never Shopping Search Criteria

Key point

Soothes damaged areas to make them healthy and elastic
Noni Ampoule Core Effects 3

Comfortably soothe irritated and sensitive skin

A high content of noni extract containing various phytochemical components such as minerals and polyphenols is prescribed to help soothe irritated and sensitive skin in a comfortable state.

Replenish deep nourishment to dull and dull skin

Noni seed oil, which contains rich nutrients, and hyaluronic acid, which attracts moisture, are prescribed to deeply moisturize and nourish dry and crumbly skin.

Tighten the skin without elasticity

Adenosine, a representative wrinkle-improving ingredient announced by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, is highly safe because it has little skin irritation and is strong against light and heat.
The effective amount of adenosine is prescribed in the noni ampoule to help improve wrinkles and deep skin turbidity.

* Damaged skin = skin damage caused by physical stimulation


Clinically proven soothing moisturizing effect

Skin soothing effect immediately after use: irritation -4.09%
Strong sedative effect after 4 weeks of use: stimulation -4.59%
Skin surface moisturizing effect: +39.39% after use
Deep skin (1.5mm) Moisturizing effect: +15.03% immediately after use
Skin surface moisture image measurement
Deep skin elasticity improvement effect: +2.58% immediately after use

Hypoallergenic product, safe for sensitive skin

Soothing effect on skin  damage caused by physical stimulation immediately after one use /
Human Skin Clinical Trial Center /April 14 to May 12, 2020 / 23 women aged 20 to 60

Skin soothing effect after 4 weeks of use/
Human Skin Clinical Trial Center Co., Ltd. / April 14 to May 12, 2020 / 23 women aged 20 to 60

Skin moisturizing after 4 weeks of use, deep skin moisturizing /
Human Skin Clinical Trial Center / April 14 - May 12, 2020 / 23 women aged 20 to 60

Deep skin elasticity improvement after 4 weeks of use /
Human Skin Clinical Trial Center Co., Ltd. / April 14 to May 12, 2020 / 23 women aged 20 to 60

Cellimax The Real Noni Energy Ampoule Human Skin Primary Stimulation Test / Human Skin Clinical Test Center / March 18 - March 20, 2020 / 33 men and women aged 20 to 60


The promised effect, experienced by many customers

sales quantity


Check out the actual user reviews accumulated over 300,000 experiences

*Based on the quantity ordered on December 9, 2020/ *Number of reviews on the official mall

Rating: 5 stars       Very good
Period of use: 1 month
Skin type: combination, sensitive

After using it for a day, two days, a week, or a month, I started to use it more often than other ampoules, and my hands went away naturally. It's light and absorbs well, and it didn't irritate my sensitive skin at all. In addition, it is compatible with other toners and creams, so it does not feel sticky or burdensome even when used with existing cosmetics. In a nutshell, it's like a very comfortable underwear that I wear often. It's a product that keeps my hands moving. Should I say that it turns on like a natural fast light even after I wash my face? Overall, the skin has become stronger. It definitely feels like the skin balance is much more balanced than before.

Rating: 5 stars Very good
Period of use: 3 months
Skin type: dry

Ingredients are good! Squeeze it on both cheeks and apply it along the skin texture. It is immediately felt that the absorption rate is very high. After using Noni Ampoule, I did not feel that it was dry. I've already used up all my headaches and it's the third time.. I can see that it's really gone down, so I'll have to pick it up after using it all haha

* This is a personal review and results may vary depending on skin type.

Noni ampoule soothing and moisturizing effect evaluated by the reconciliation panel

Not irritating 94%
Moisturizing power was satisfactory 94%
Felt fresh 91%
Absorption is satisfactory 98%

[Hwahae Cosmetics Survey] Survey Response Results
Survey Participants: 289 Hwahae Survey Group / Source: Hwahae Cosmetics Survey

When you put it on and sleep, your skin feels calm!
It has excellent moisturizing power and feels really good to use. I like it because it makes my skin feel calm when I put it on and sleep.
Combination skin / meltingsce**

I have less irritation and my makeup goes well.
After using Noni Ampoule, the tightness of the skin has decreased, and the moisture is sufficient, so the makeup is better.
Moisture-deficient oily powder**

The product with the highest satisfaction among the ampoules I have used so far
It absorbs well, dries well and soothes well.
dry skin / Bokyoung*


The highly concentrated ampoule is also light and refreshing.

Although it is a highly concentrated ampoule, it is not heavy and sticky.
Have a refreshing experience with Noni Ampoule

Viscosity: Number of highly concentrated liquid formulations
Spreadability: High moisture content, spread gently
Absorption: Absorbs cleanly without stickiness by tapping lightly
Scent: Fresh and cool rosemary scent like freshly cut grass


From convenient usage to various usage methods

Convenient use with automatic eyedropper
When you open the cap, one use is automatically charged.
In the next step of toner, apply 1 amount to your face.

Click the button when layering! please press
By pressing the button, the contents are charged and layering can be done easily and quickly.

Try it before makeup for firm skin
If you apply a small amount of Noni Ampoule right before makeup, you can express your skin with elasticity and radiance.

Choose an ampoule that is perfect for your skin

Noni Ampoule
Soothing, nourishing ampoule
Contains 71.77% of noni
Formulation: Highly concentrated liquid form with a feeling of stickiness
Absorption: Absorbs neatly by tapping lightly.
Finish: Moist, non-sticky finish
Recommended skin: dry, combination skin
Skin in need of soothing & moisturizing, highly nutritious care

Cica ampoule
Intensive soothing ampoule
Contains 75% cica
Formulation: Light liquid formulation with low viscosity
Absorption: Absorbs quickly and absorbs lightly
Finish: Fresh and clean finish
Recommended skin: Moisture-deficient oily skin
Skin in need of soothing & refreshing care

At a glance

Soothing and nourishing noni ampoule

I recommend it to people like this.
Skin hardened by irritation
Inelastic and fragile skin
Crisp and tight skin

Effectiveness test.
Skin irritation test
Skin damage soothing test by physical stimulation
Deep skin moisturizing test
Deep skin elasticity improvement test

Main ingredient
Noni Fruit Extract
Noni seed oil

Please check carefully before purchasing
Contains Shea Butter (Shea Butter)
Shea butter is a beneficial ingredient with excellent moisturizing power, but it May not be suitable for polar skin.
Please purchase carefully after checking the reviews for each skin type.


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