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*Ameli Flat Lips 907 Coco HazeSlightly faded vintage rose Coral.Stylish in warm tones, faintly in cool tones.Everyone admires both blush and lip colors.The fine pearlescent makes plain coral vintage. Tone-down pink with silky gloss.1.2g 4.1 x 1.1 x 5.1cm Flat...


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*Ameli Flat Lips 907 Coco Haze

Slightly faded vintage rose Coral.
Stylish in warm tones, faintly in cool tones.
Everyone admires both blush and lip colors.
The fine pearlescent makes plain coral vintage.
Tone-down pink with silky gloss.

4.1 x 1.1 x 5.1cm

Flat Lips are naturally glossy and moist lip products. Delicate and diverse expressions are possible within one color.

(Air Lips - Light and vivid matte lip pod that applies thinly
Flat Lips - Clear and moist lip pod with natural gloss)

*Stylish in warm tones, faintly in cool tones, a color that everyone admired for its blush color and lip color!

A color that completes the intellectual mood.
A calming pink without being overbearing.

On an early spring day just starting to get warmer
Reminds me of a magnolia tree in full bloom
Coco Haze Flower Water Makeup.

Like a magnolia on a spring day
It's beautiful
A calming pink without being overbearing.

full of spring sunshine
Coco Haze Flower Water Makeup.

*125 luxury brown

-After applying it all over, once more under the double eyelid line!
Gradient effect!

*005 Dinky Gold

*907 Coco Haze

* 907 Vintage pink coco haze like a faded rose

brighter day st
Coco Haze One Item Makeup

Today's main color 907 Coco Haze You can feel the fine pearl of a coral color that has slightly lost its saturation, making it feel like a vintage rose color.
I want to do a bright pink makeup in spring, but it's a little too burdensome for warm tones. In that case, 907 Coco Haze Color, which slightly loses saturation and rises transparently, is perfect! It can be used not only as a lip but also as a shadow and blush, so I tried a simple one-color makeup that makes you beautiful!

907 Coco Haze
172 wedding bouquet
215 Cinnamon Dust

After applying a single color makeup with 907 Coco Haze, which will create a bright warm tone without being too old-fashioned, add points with a wedding bouquet to complete a more luxurious and atmospheric makeup.
If you are looking for a spring shadow you want to use in the upcoming spring, try adding Amelie's Flat Lips Coco Haze, which can do one-color makeup, to the item ♥♥

- 더빛날 @thebitnaal

*Blogger Jay's
Coco Haze One Item Makeup

"I personally tried the Amelie Coco Haze color, which is an intelligent pink that has a bright feeling like flower pink, but is toned down and finished in an elegant mood❤︎ I think it would be good to use it for various makeup looks, sometimes casually, sometimes without a feminine feeling. This is an item that Son-i wants to recommend for daily use without hesitation!"

"Amelie Flat Lips is a thin, moist and transparent type that adheres to the skin, so everyone knows that it is a multi-product that can be used anywhere on the eyes, cheeks, and lips. It's OK if you add color to the Apple Zone as if you're spreading it!"

When I use a powder-type pink eyeshadow, it's easy to make my eyelids look puffy or look like a princess, but with Amelie's flat lip, it's possible to create a watercolor look like a blushed cheek because of her shyness. There is a story behind it, and I was impressed with the feeling of being produced in a natural and moist atmosphere like tears of red eyes.”

"If you roughly apply Ameli Flat Lips 907 Coco Heize on your finger, your lip makeup is completed very easily. The picture above has only one nose on the lower lip and two to three nose on the lower lip, and 907 nose heases are applied to the upper and lower lips to layer the color.

Plat Lips

The secret of the mysterious color! Multicolor layering system
Flat Lips applies Amelie's unique color mixing technology, Multi-color Layering System, so that you can feel the rich color without being monotonous in one color. It meets the lip color to create a mysterious color, and the more you apply it, the more delicate and subtle expression is possible.

Moisturize with deep moisture layer
Flat Lips is a Deep Moisture Layer that preserves moisture to cover lip wrinkles and enhances moisture and adhesion.

High refractive oil, natural gloss
Flat Lips contains Glossy Skin Oil with 'high refractive index' and reflects light abundantly even when applied thinly. It expresses a natural luster of a 'light saliva feeling' rather than excessive shine.


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