Why buy from our site?

Why buy from our site?

We are a site dealing with Korean clothes with a history of earning trust with customers in Macau for 10 years. All of our full time employees are Koreans, and our headquarter is in Seoul, Korea. There are still many fake Korean products in Macau, such products made in China. We do not deal with products made in China.

Our headquarter in Seoul directly send the products to Macau.

Some cosmetic stores buy old cosmetics that are nearly expired or already expired their shelf life. They hide and sell cosmetics that should not be applied. Also, some individuals make online sales with personally imported cosmetics from Korea as if they were imported directly from Korea.No guarantees to the product's authenticity and quality and no complaints can be made even if should any problems arise.

We have a store in Macau, so if you have any problems, you can visit us and our staff will help you directly.

Nowadays, Korean cosmetics are a global trend and boast its highest quality. Not only that, they are becoming famous all over the world because of the Korean Wave. Korean people's obsession with their skin is global scale that those luxury well known brands wouldn't survive if they keep commissioning most of their products to cosmetic manufacturers, putting their brand logos on them, without any responsible research and study period. It doesn't work anymore, Korean cosmetics are created with so much experiences, in hyper competitive environment and such innovation has now produced the result of its deserved attention.

Our company provides Macau customers with the latest and most fashionable products with most recently produced at a much lower price than most of other places in Macau. We ship directly by air, so the delivery time is the shortest.

Yes, we are committed to do our best in providing the freshest, latest, most fashionable products at the best price in Macau and Hong Kong.

Even if online shopping trend from reliable website isn't so popular in Macau and you are not familiar with the website other than Taobao, you will feel very comfortable and easy to use our online shopping platform once you try it.

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